Associated Events

CEPA Gallery: ODYSSEY | Warriors Come Home

Witness the journey home from war through the photographs and writing of combat veterans. In a photography exhibit that spans four floors, veterans explore the challenges of returning from battle. They share their creative victories over circumstances in ODYSSEY | Warriors Come Home.

Project founder Brendan Bannon and co-teaching artist Julian Chinana led participants identified by CEPA’s project partner, the Veterans One-stop Center of WNY, through CEPA Gallery’s ODYSSEY WORKSHOPS to produce the artwork.

Opening Reception:
5:00 – 11:30pm
Exhibit runs through October 19, 2019
CEPA Gallery
617 Main Street
Buffalo, New York, 14203

Hostel Buffalo: YoPlastic

People eat plastic. People cannot digest plastic. Ideonella sakaiensis digests plastic.
Virocode is developing a food source to digest the plastic we eat. Human trials await your participation. To find out more about this opportunity and the science behind it visit the YoPlastic experience at Box gallery.

YoPlastic, Technology, Entertainment, and Design talk by virocode,
featuring Kristen Tripp Kelley and Paloma D’Auria

Performance/Talk will take place at the opening on 9/20/2019 Curtain UP.
Time, 945pm
Location, Hostel Buffalo’s BOX Gallery 667 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14203


IN THE MOMENT, photography exhibit of  18 11×14” color images by Actor/director/educators Jack Hunter and Margo Davis depicting humorous, poignient, heartwarming relationships between characters and their environments will open CurtainUp Night, September 20, from 4:00 to 7:00 at Matinee on …Main Street just south of Tupper.  Matinee owners, Rex Keppel and Kevin Shanahan will host the premiere event.

Davis and Hunter share works from their individual international travels and their observations of the human condition, relationship between character and environment, and celebration of being in the moment.

This collaboration is the result of their first travels together and realization that independently, over the years, they have been tracking the same themes.  Theatre is life.

IN THE MOMENT will continue Sept 20 through October 19 Tuesday through Saturday evenings at Matinee, 698 Main Street, Buffalo